Henry Is Flying High!

On 21 December, U13 Henry Fletcher travelled to the Lee Valley Indoor Track to take part in the December Minithon, an exciting event aimed at developing youngsters' competition skills and enthusiasm. Athletes can choose any three events applicable to their age group.

As usual, Henry's first event was the High Jump. In October 2019, he had equalled his own Club High Jump record jumping 1.46 m so travelling down to Lee Valley with his Mum, he had his sights set on beating that mark. It turned into a tense and closely fought competition; when it came down to the final two, Henry was there with a new-found friend Jonathan, who he had previously met at the October event. Jonathan had also beaten his club record with a Jump of 1.49 m in October. 

Both boys jumped through to 1.46 m, Henry the first to equal his PB, then Jonathan, who took two attempts. They both cleared 1.49 m at the second attempt, a new PB for Henry, and so the bar was raised to 1.52 m. Henry jumped first, just clipping it on his way up, then Jonathan also missed his first attempt. Henry attacked a little more, and this time clipped the bar on the way over. Mirroring Henry, Jonathan also touched the bar on the way over. Third and final attempts and first Henry went over cleanly, and then Jonathan followed. 

The bar was now up to 1.55! Both boys were getting very tired at this point, but both were determined to do their best. MC Peter Scott had the crowd clapping and encouraging both boys at each attempt. Henry’s first attempt just clipped the bar and Jonathan followed in the same way. Second attempt and Peter had the crowd clapping once again. Henry again just clipped the bar and knocked it off. Jonathan went next and just cleared the bar with a wobble, but it stayed on the uprights. At Henry’s third attempt, fatigue had set in and he was unable to lift himself over the bar, but ended the event with a remarkable 6cm pb, smashing his own club record.

He followed this almost immediately with a 60m run which saw him knock 0.47 seconds off his previous time.

Well done Henry and good luck for the season ahead!