Drugs in Sport

In light of the recent media attention with regards to drugs cheats in sports globally, the Club felt it would be useful to provide some information to support athletes and parents.

General Principles

Younger athletes and their parents should not be unduly worried about the threat of drug testing unless they are competing at championship events but it’s useful to know the principles for when you/your child develops in the sport.

Athletes are fully responsible for what they put in to their bodies.

Irrespective of how a prohibited substance enters an athlete’s body (even unknowingly or unintentionally), the presence of the prohibited substance is an anti-doping rule violation and disciplinary proceedings will follow any finding.


It is advisable that all members who suffer from Asthma register their use of an inhaler with UKA. See UKA website for relevant form.


The manufacture of supplements is not regulated to the same extent as the manufacture of registered medications and therefore there can never be any guarantee that a particular supplement is totally free of prohibited substances, regardless of which ingredients are listed on the supplement packaging.

UKA’s recommendation therefore is for athletes to follow a 3-point approach to reduce their exposure to the risks associated with supplements:

  1. Assess and understand your nutritional needs and use a balanced diet to satisfy these.. However if supplementation is required, carefully research these supplements to see if there is any independent, scientific evidence to support their claimed benefits
  2. Understand that strict liability makes you solely responsible for what you ingest and the presence of a prohibited substance in your sample, regardless of how it got there or whether or not it was taken intentionally, can lead to a ban from athletics for a period of time
  3. Having completed steps 1 and 2, if you believe that supplement use would provide a real benefit to you and you understand the risks associated with supplement use and the consequences of ingesting a prohibited substance, then UKA recommends that you only use specific batches of products which have been tested as part of the Informed-Sport www.informed-sport.com (link is external) programme.

More details on UKA website.

Check your medication

It is crucial that athletes check all medications are safe prior to use as medications for common medical conditions could contain ingredients that are prohibited within athletics.

Before using any medications, whether prescribed by a GP, bought over the counter in a Pharmacy or even straight from a supermarket shelf, it is vital that athletes check whether they contain prohibited substances. Medicines bought in the UK, USA, Canada or Japan, can be checked using GlobalDRO (www.globaldro.com (link is external))

Recreational Drugs

We hope none of our athletes take recreational drugs but if done, you can also face the risk of a ban from the sport as many are stimulants or have other effects on the body which could be seen as having an impact on training or performance.


http://www.britishathletics.org.uk/anti-doping/useful-links/ (link is external)

http://www.britishathletics.org.uk/anti-doping/# (link is external)

http://www.ukad.org.uk/new-to-anti-doping/ (link is external)