Tilsley Park Developments Progress

We recently met with Abingdon School for an update on the Tilsley Park developments and can report:

  • The development work is currently on schedule
  • Several small issues affecting the Club have been resolved as they have arisen
  • Our throws groups have been made separate arrangement with Abingdon School
  • All necessary conditions/approvals have now been received/resolved in respect of the new throws area
  • The bar area which is currently not in use is to be completed shortly
  • The School have put a noticeboard in reception which will keep users updated on progress and developments so keep an eye on that.


Can I remind you all to be mindful of Health & Safety issues whilst the construction is taking place and flag any issues either to the Club (or Tilsley Park staff) ASAP so they can be resolved. All members should stay away from any construction areas/machinery.  

Kay Reynolds