Abingdon Marathon - Help Wanted!

As Marshal Co-Ordinator for the Abingdon Marathon, I am asking for the help of your club at Oxfordshire's Premier Marathon event on 20th October.  Without volunteers this Marathon would not be possible.  I'm sure you are aware of the difficulty of finding enough people to volunteer for a race, and a Marathon requires a huge number to allow it to run safely.

We'd really appreciate it you could ask members of your club to register to be a volunteer at https://my.abingdonmarathon.org.uk/

The Abingdon Marathon is organised entirely by volunteers, and since its inception in 1983, has resulted in thousands of pounds of donations to numerous charities.

For every Radley AC member that volunteers, the Abingdon Marathon will donate to the club.  I'd love to see some of your club members in Abingdon on 20th October.

Best wishes

Nic Hamilton