Club Coaching Structure

Whilst reviewing some of its governance arrangements, the Club has formalised its coaching structure as shown.

This shows how an athlete can join Radley as an 8 year old and grow and develop as an athlete by progressing through the coaching structure. This exercise has also identified some gaps which we will work to fill. Continual development should be a constant focus for both coaches and athletes.

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Club coaches are:

Name Coaching Discipline
Alex Ahmet Sprints & Jumps
Alex Smith Throws
Alison Allen Junior Squad
Becky Cottam Technical Adviser (HJ)
Carl Pinder Sprints & Development
Claire Lacey Sprints, Jumps & Throws
Darren Kitching Junior Squad
Eileen Kear Junior Squad
Elaine Brew Sprints & Jumps
Faith Brew Junior Squad
Jackie Breslin Sprints & Jumps
Jill Slatter Technical Adviser (Hurdles)
Kay Reynolds Sprints & Hurdles
Kevin O'Hara Throws
Lorraine Waknell Technical Adviser (LJ, HJ)
Melanie Cumberland Endurance
Mick Cottam Endurance
Neil Anstice Throws
Peter O'Keefe Throws, Jumps & Hurdles
Ryan Craze Junior Squad
Tom Anstice Throws
Wendy Miell-Ingram Endurance

(last reviewed: 19/07/2019)

All the Club’s coaches are qualified UKA coaches and have been Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked or signed a UKA declaration to be checked.

Coaching licence
The club will normally assist new coaches in obtaining their licence if they have agreed to coach Radley A.C. athletes. 

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