Club Rankings

Club rankings are a rating and record of an athlete's performance.

The Club rankings are obtained from the Power of 10 website (all athletes will be on these rankings, not just performances up to or near national standards). If there are any errors in the rankings in the U13 – Vets age groups please contact the Power of 10, not Radley AC.

If a ranking list wrongly appears blank, click the 'reload' button at the top of the page – this is a Power of 10 problem. Also note that the Power of 10 website can take a while to respond.

2022 rankings
Age group Female Male
Under 13 here here
Under 15 here here
Under 17 here here
Under 20 here here
Senior (incl U23) here here
Overall (U13 - Vets) here here

Older rankings can be found using the Club page on the Power of 10 here.

QuadKids (U9 and U11) rankings can be found attached.